Apply For Camp

who can participate?


Girls, trans, and non binary youth entering grades 4 – 12. Participants with timely and thorough applications are selected by committee and no one is

turned away for lack of funds. 

what can my child expect?


A fun and safe space full of volunteer artists and musicians from the regional community. Small group and one- to-one instrument instruction. Song- writing workshops. Band practice with personalized band coaches. Daily snacks, plenty of water, and healthy lunches. Empowering workshops about body image, women musicians in the media, music history, freeing and using voice, screenprinting, instrument maintenance, gear tech, and zine making, plus dance- offs, karaoke, and open-mic sessions! 

does my child need experience?


No. Campers can enter at any experience level, even if it’s none. Instrumentation will be taught at beginner and intermediate levels based on volunteer instructor capacity. 

Summer Camp 2020

Please check back for information on the 2020 season of Y'all Rock Carbondale.

1. Kids who wanna rock should Apply online with their guardians on our google form.




2. then submit a video telling us about yourself. Let us know:


Why do you want to do rock camp?

What or who inspires you the most?

What do you want to change about the world?

What's your favorite kind of music?

Show us your best art, performance, or knock-knock jokes. 

Send a link to your video to:


send a direct message or tag us

on Instagram @girlsrockcarbondale


Apply online

Folks who need computer and internet access can fill out the application at the Carbondale Public Library or the Center for Empowerment & Justice which has open computer/wifi access to the public.


You may also make an apt for assistance with a YRC staff member by emailing