About Y'all Rock Carbondale

Y'all rock is

a youth-centered music organization that cultivates an empowering space for girls, women, trans and gender non-conforming people to collaborate and experiment in music, expression, performance, and collective care.


At Y'all Rock Carbondale we aim to create a safe and inclusive environment for campers and volunteers. For this reason, we do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race/ethnicity, class, ability, religion, immigration status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Our goal is for camp to be fun and safe for any and all campers and volunteers. GRC believes in gender self-determination and our camp is open to girls, women, and trans and gender non-conforming people.

about our organization

Y'all Rock Carbondale was started in 2014 as a way to offer young girls a way to express themselves through songwriting, musicianship, and camaraderie with other women and folks experiencing gender marginalization. Now in our third year we offer a one-week summer camp, an afterschool program, and a hybrid program/fundraiser Rock Roulette for adult women, trans, and gnc folks.


Our summer camp is one week long, with full day camp programming M-F, a public showcase Sat, and studio recording Sun (all programming/schedule is subject to change annually). Our summer camp is volunteer staffed by musicians, academics, artists from the community. Campers experience small group instrument instruction, band practice sessions, workshops in arts, community empowerment, and self esteem, and locally-sourced, homegrown breakfast and lunch. Campers need zero musical experience. We provide instruments, instruction, and fun.


YRC is funded through community monetary and equipment donations and, importantly, tuition fees. Although full tuition is $250 per camper, we offer a sliding scale payment option ranging from $0.00 to $250. We ask that families consider what they can afford and contribute that amount. GRC will not turn any camper away for lack of funds, but we must receive a certain percentage of full tuition payments to cover camp expenses.

YRC's first session rocked downtown in 2015 and stormed the Carbondale High School in 2016. Each year our volunteers grow and we are able to push our programming boundaries further. We have learned so much from our campers and have experienced the magic of camp as viscerally as our participants. Want to experience the amazing magic of camp too? Volunteer today!


YRC had an amazing 2017 Session serving 33 campers and over 20 empowered adult mentors! This year we are excited to initiate an afterschool program and redefine and publicize our adult Rock Roulette program!